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Test Your Traffic Knowledge

torfTrue or False Questions

  1. Your license plate is written incorrectly on your ticket. This will get your ticket thrown out.

  2. The police officer didn't show you the RADAR/LASER reading. This will get the speeding charge dismissed.

  3. The police officer forgot to write down your license number on the ticket. Will this get the ticket declared a nullity.

  4. The police officer files your ticket 8 days after stopping you. This will get your ticket thrown out.

  5. Your $5000 No insurance fine is really $5000.

  6. You can mail your ticket in for a trial date in Toronto.

  7. There's 3 demerit points for Speeding 80/40.

  8. If you're charged with careless driving and you get a ticket with a fine on it, you can still lose your license or go to jail as part of sentence.

  9. You got a stop sign ticket. You stopped. Just a rolling stop. That will win your case.

  10. You can beat your Speeding ticket because your speedometer was faulty.

  11. Even though the minimum fine is $5000 on No insurance, the Justice can still reduce the fine.

  12. There's no defence to a drive under suspension charge. If the ministry says you're suspended, then you're guilty.

  13. You can beat your speeding ticket if you were just following the flow of traffic.

  14. The rain screws up RADAR.

  15. You can beat your Speeding ticket if there's someone following you too close.

  16. The Justice has to believe the police officer over you all the time.

  17. The police can't stop you without a reason.

  18. You can't have a trial if you're guilty.

  19. In court you have to prove your innocence.

  20. A suspended sentence means you got off.


1.F, 2.F, 3.F, 4.T, 5.F, 6.F, 7.F, 8.F, 9.F, 10.F, 11.T, 12.F, 13.F, 14.F, 15.T, 16.F, 17.F, 18.F, 19.F, 20.F

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